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The first managed estate sale we went to was managed by Southern Trading Co.  We were very impressed with the way the sale was handled.  They were professional while still friendly and willing to spend the time to talk with you.

Since that time my wife and I have attended many estate sales managed by many companies.  I can say without a doubt that Southern Trading Company is heads above any of the others.

We look forward with anticipation to attending all their estate sales.

Tom and Nancy

From:Millie & Joe Meehan

Wonderful and fun experience.  Doreen was friendly, personable and very accommodating.  Great shopping trip and many values!

From: Jane

To: Southern Trading Company​​

Kudos the Nancy and her team. Thanks to their hard work, organizing skills and team work we had a successful sale. Would definitely recommend them and use them again.

Many thanks, Cory and Jane

Estate Sales by Southern Trading Co., LLC

      Professional Home Liquidations, Down Sizing, Senior Moves, Buy Outs

From: Buzzy H. Estate Sales by Southern Trading Co., recently held an Estate Sale for me, as I am leaving the area.  I did not know how an Estate Sale really worked until Nancy and her staff came in and emptied cabinets, closets and drawers, and displayed them so that all items were shown to their best advantage.  They did this both in the house and garage.  During the sale they were always re-staging, so when a piece sold another was put it its place.  I am pleased to say that almost all of the furniture, household and garage items were sold.  Nancy and her staff were very professional and helpful in dealing with customers.  I would highly recommend Estate Sales by Southern Trading to anyone in need of this type of service.  They were great!!!

From: Robert W. Amos

If you want the best don't settle for less.  From top to bottom the Southern Trading Company is the best.
The management and employees are fantastic in dealing with you throughout - they work with you to get the most for you.
They are respectful and experts in their business.

From: Robin C. Walton

TO: Southern Trading company, Nancy and Staff
On Dec. 23, 2014 my husband passed away and in the following months I needed to figure out what I needed to do.
What I needed to do was 'down size' my 2,400 sq ft house to a smaller condominium and figure out what I needed to move with me and/or sell.
After 30 years of marriage and the loss of my parents, the house had years and years of memorabilia, Nancy Lewis and her staff came into my life.
On June 19, 2015 I had the Estate Sale, sold my house and paid for the condominium.
To Nancy Lewis of Southern Trading Company and her staff I give my love, thanks and consideration.
With her honesty, loyalty and complete professional attitude I give my thanks and love.
Yours sincerely, Robin C. Walton

From: John and Donna Lengyel

Keep up the good work!!!

Love you Guys!


Doreen and Kathy are always so pleasant and helpful in the Gallery. They make the store a fun place to visit and treasure hunt.
Love everything about it.

From: Ralph Bliss

Southern Trading Co. conducted the sale for my large estate filled with fine art, antiques and collectibles.
They were successful in selling my contents at a good price.
I would highly recommend them.

From: Ron

"Great Team" Professional and courteous. They

really know their business.

I had a tight schedule removing everything inside my home for a complete interior renovation. Scheduling and marketing prior to sale were critical. Southern trading company was on time.

I highly recommend them for your estate sale

From: Mary Jennell,

We would like to thank Nancy and her staff for all the work they did on our sale.  Her staff came in and worked miracles organizing and setting up, and the sale went on without a hitch.  I would recommend them highly.

From: Mike Windom

As a career retailer I'm impressed beyond words at what a good job you folks did organizing and staging the Windom estate sale.  The employees were sharp, organized, efficient, no-nonsense, self motivated etc. . . all you could ask for.  I am very impressed so far. Thanks, Mike

From: Ane'

Dear Nancy and team,

THANK YOU for the amazing effort and results of our estate sale in Palm Bay.

I was grateful for your professionalism, team work, work ethic and kindness to me.

We are very pleased! Kind Regards