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Estate Sales by Southern Trading Co., LLC

      Professional Home Liquidations, Down Sizing, Senior Moves, Buy Outs

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Estate Sales by Southern Trading Co., LLC

We are the Estate Sale Professionals.

     Southern Trading Company and our team of experts is the resource you need to help you with your Estate sale or moving sale in the Brevard County area of Florida. Whether you are downsizing your living situation, assisting a loved one during a life transition or need help staging your home for sale, Southern Trading Company works with you to understand your needs and to get you the best possible results.

     We work to balance all the elements of marketing, service, innovation, new technologies, and sale presentation to be the market leader in the estate sale industry. We are committed to serve our clients in an understanding and supportive way in the midst of challenging life transitions.


     We can walk you through working with our estate probate lawyers to help in the liquidation of your property to get a fair market value. Our partners are premier in Estate planning, Probate law, Guardian Ad Littum, Trust planning and administrating. 


     If you have a floor plan of your new place we will help you select items that will fit.  We will pack then move you to your new home or apartment and set it up for you. If you choose, we can go on to have an Estate Sale in your old home.


     We can prep your home to show to its best advantage for selling purposes.  We will assess the contents, pack up what’s not necessary, and then stage the balance so the buyers will see the HOME first while also showing your lovely furnishings.  Please call for an appointment and our current rates for both Senior Moves and Home Staging.


     Do you have just a few items that you would like you sell? We can setup a meeting to take a look and make an offer.  We are always looking to stock our Gallery with antiques, furniture, estate jewelry, china, and just about any item that that can be re-purposed.

     We are licensed, bonded, and in good standing with the Florida Chamber of Commerce.  To view any upcoming Estate Sales, please check the Pending Estate Sales frequently. 

     If you would like to request information about holding an Estate Sale in Brevard County, joining our mailing list or leaving a testimonial please select Contact Us from the above menu.

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     Handling a loved one’s estate or liquidating your own personal items can be a difficult and emotional task—we understand many of these items may have deep memories associated with them. Our goal is to eliminate the unwanted stress normally associated with such situations.
     Other benefits of using Southern Trading Company include a professional and effectively managed sale, targeted advertising, signage, Internet coverage, staffing, and negotiation — all according to your specifications and requirements.
     And you need not worry. Throughout the entire process your home and its contents will be treated with the greatest respect and consideration.
Our Services
     We are a company with over twenty years of experience running a large antique store, conducting estate sales, and working with local business and real estate companies - offering home staging to present the property to the best advantage.  We also offer an opportunity for the real estate company to have an open house at no charge on the day(s) of the estate sale. Another opportunity is for the family to sell contents from the estate when the family is not interested in holding an actual estate sale.
     We have a vast knowledge in antiques, collectibles, art, and household items. We incorporate fair market values to price items, so you always get a fair price with Southern Trading Company!
     At an additional charge, we can arrange for a cleaning service at the end of your sale.
     Are you in the process of downsizing your lifestyle by going to a smaller home or condo?  Having an Estate Sale can be a key component to making the transition. We can help and assist you in deciding which items you won’t need in your new place.
     Our Estate Sale team of professionals will then help you get the most for the items that you won’t require.
Items We Sell
     From contemporary to traditional to antiques, you name it and we sell it. Typically we sell collectibles, antique furniture, accessories, artwork, vintage clothing, antique tools, appliances, jewelry, garden equipment and more.
Promoting Your Sale
      We take digital pictures of your furnishings and items and give them their own dedicated web page on our websites that we have for the business. The first is where you are now, the second is, which manages our client base, and lastly we are on Your page and information is sent out to our extensive customer database prior to your sale. Additionally, we advertise your sale in local newspapers. We also strategically place signage to drive traffic to your sale’s location.


Who can benefit from our Estate Sale Service?
      Individuals moving into a retirement or nursing home, estate executors, and those individuals moving out of state or into a smaller residence need an estate sale service.

How large does my estate have to be for an estate/moving sale?
      In order for Southern Trading Company to be able to book your estate/moving sale we need to determine the minimum dollar amount of salable items in your home. Our team of professional appraisers will be more than happy to assist you in determining the value of your home furnishings.

Do you typically sell everything in my sale?
      Although no estate sale service can claim to sell 100%, throughout the sale we will typically sell between 80-95% of your selected items.

For some of my pieces, can I set the lowest price at which I am willing to sell them?

      Of course! We understand that there is a price point at which you would rather keep your item than sell it. For any of your items you can establish a minimum price which we will not go below in order to sell it.

What is your commission?
     A reputable company will need to see your estate to answer this question. Don't let the percentage charged be the only criteria when choosing a company. A lower percentage does not necessarily mean you will make more money. A company with a higher percentage rate may be offering many more services, take additional time and resources to research, market and prepare your sale and there for will ultimately make you more money than a company that charges a lower percentage and does not put in the extra time and effort. The commission percentage is not as important as hiring a reputable company that will work on your behalf to achieve the maximum value for your contents and make the process as stress free for you as possible.  For most situations there are not any upfront costs to you except the FL Today ad.

    Going Forward

Now that you have lots of the information on our company your next steps are:

     Make an appointment to meet for a Complimentary Consultation. It is possible for us to answer many of your initial questions via phone or email.  However, to help you decide what options are best for you, it is necessary for us to meet with you at the home that requires liquidation services.  This is a complimentary consultation. 
     At the time of our first meeting, we will sit down with those involved and discuss your situation, so going forward we can be sure that we meet all of your needs.  We will also do a walk thru and make notes regarding items to be sold.  If there are items that are not to be sold,  please identify those to us during our meeting. In most cases we are able to give a range of expected value at this time.  We will go over our contract with you in detail and provide you with a sale date before signing.

     When you have made the decision to go forward with an estate sale here are a few items that will make your sale more profitable:

Do NOT Throw Anything Away
     Please do not throw anything away before meeting with us. We can tell you there is a reason. That junk or trash might be worth big money. Seriously...don't throw anything away until you have an expert look at it.  As a reputable company we will separate the trash from the treasure as part of the set up and preparation for the sale.

Mark or List Items That You Want to Keep
     To avoid confusion it is helpful if you mark items you will be keeping or make a list of these items prior to your appointment.

Visit a Sale
     The best way to get a feel for our company is to watch us in action. Go to a sale to look and see how it is set up.  How is the presentation? How are customers handled? Do you feel comfortable in the environment they have created? Look for what is important to you. 

      We are licensed, bonded, and in good standing with the Chamber of Commerce.